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"What is this place… What is a fiance… What’s a father or parents even?" The young girl sat comfortable in a quiet park as she asked all these questions to her dear bunny friend.


She was awfully confused about all these new things that have been told to her. ‘You have a family now.’ But what exactly is a family and why did she have one? She tried her best to think long and hard and while thinking, she didn’t notice the person that appeared in her presence.

[As he was talking a walk out in the city, Gray came across a park and decided it might be a nice idea to take a detour and go through it just to see some bit of nature within the city.

As he was doing so, he noticed a small girl who seemed to be talking to herself, or rather to a puppet on her hand and couldn’t help but stare until he grew curious enough to make his presence known since the girl didn’t seem to acknowledge it yet.]

Um, are you okay?

A Weird Girl and Her Porn [Open]


The girl pushed up her glasses and smiled innocently.


"Stolen~? I have no idea what you mean! I brought this from home, after all. That aside, it would be a shame if you called the cops only for me to claim you’re sexually assaulting me with your exposed nipples. I’m only a fourteen-year-old girl, you know! They would take you in and give you the ride of your life if I also tell them I suspect you are hiding drugs inside of your ass~" She tilted her head at the man, as if daring him to call the authorities. Snitches get stitches, stranger.

"Now that this matter is settled, I should introduce myself: I’m Mairu Orihara, and I’m currently looking for a girlfriend. Although I already have a fiancee, I have yet to meet her. Do you think she would have a nice pair of boobs? Or a round butt? Actually, she could also be petite and I wouldn’t mind. But cute, she definitely needs to be cute."

[Gray was about to press the matter further since he knew that was a big fat lie but the threat she made was pretty much easy for strangers to believe since most people only believed what they saw at first and he’d been accused of being a pervert many times in the past so he already knew it could happen and it was such a hassle to stay explaining the authorities it wasn’t the case and even though he’d eventually be released for lack of proof on the claims, it would be a lot of time lost that he didn’t want to go through.]

Ugh, you’re a pretty cunning girl, you know?….

[And as if matters weren’t bad enough, she started talking openly about her own tastes to a complete stranger which of course made Gray to think that people from different places were pretty different as well.]

Oh, so you swing that way?… wait no, more importantly, why are you talking about that to the guy you just threatened!?

[It was clear that this place would be even crazier than back home already.]

Winter is better than summer [Closed @ Hiyori]


So he was completely clueless as to how fathers behaved towards daughters? Perfect! She had before her a blank slate, and it was her to fill with whatever she pleased! Admittedly, she did feel just a tad guilty for taking advantage of his tragic past. But if she would be able to convince him that her happiness was the most important thing, and he was able to succeed in giving her that, then he would be happy too, right? It was definitely a win-win situation no matter which way she looked at it!


Yknow, I could totally teach you how to be a good father," she said in a sugarcoated tone, "Even of you only want to be considered a friend, it would still be helpful for if you end up with a real kid of your own someday, wouldn’t it? You can consider this my way of repaying you for taking care of me!”

He was practically putty in her hands at this point. No doubt they’d both end up being closer than ever, but really this was all her design. Honestly, she even impressed herself sometimes. 

[Gray had a little trouble believing that a girl who was younger than him would know how to be a parent when they didn’t get along with their own parent in life but maybe he could play along for the sake of a peaceful relationship between the two.]

Well, I’m not so sure about the whole being a father thing just yet… but I guess I could use some tips.

[Since they would have to get to know each other, what better moment to start doing that than now? That’s what the ice mage thought and decided that he might as well do that right away.]

Oh right, Robin and I are apparently from different worlds so I guess I should ask from where do you come from and what was your world like. Maybe that’s a good topic to start with.

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A Weird Girl and Her Porn [Open]


Mairu smiled at the oddly shirtless man. The authorities were no threat to her, as she never technically did anything wrong. “They have better things to worry about, and I think they would agree. My brother is one of those things.” Izaya was, of course, much more subtle than she was, but the things he did seemed to have a much bigger impact. She couldn’t say she admired him for it, if anything she was indifferent.


"Where’s your shirt? Isn’t that public nudity? And you tell me I’m the one who could get in trouble~?"

[Gray didn’t know anything about the girl’s brother but she made it sound as if he was a big troublemaker and he wasn’t sure he liked the sound of that. As he was about to make a rebuttal on that, she pointed out something he hadn’t even realized.]

Crap! Where did my shirt go?!

[As fast as the surprise seemed to come over the young man, it faded away.]

Damn, it probably was when I took out that thug earlier… Well in any case having no shirt does not qualify as public nudity, I still have my pants and shoes on. If I lost my shirt that was my mistake but I can deal with that later but the fact that you have that magazine means you stole it so that’s another thing you should watch out for. 

A Weird Girl and Her Porn [Open]


"What do you mean I’m too young to purchase this!?"


The offended voice of a young girl rang throughout the convenience store as the one it belonged to brandished a copy of Playboy. It was a very tasteful September issue with a centrefold that knocked Mairu’s knee-high socks off. Truthfully, she usually stole the magazines, but her surrogate father seemed to be pretty good with giving her a decent allowance.

"If you let me walk out of here with this, I’ll pay you double for it." She bargained with the person behind the counter. To her disappointment, they simply asked her to put it back instead, leaving a particularly grumpy Mairu Orihara to walk out of the store empty handed. But as soon as she left the clerk’s line of sight, she reached into her jumper and pulled out another adult magazine that she had swiped earlier. It was nice to be prepared.

As she flipped through it with a smile and a reddening face, she suddenly stopped and looked behind her. Someone seemed to be peering over her shoulder. “Hey, at least wait until I’m done! You’re a pretty big pervert.” The girl giggled.

[Gray wasn’t too fond of books but magazines were a different thing. As he had spotted a store that was selling many kinds of things, magazines among them, he decided to go and take a look.

As he was in the store, he couldn’t help but notice a girl was asking for something quite unusual and after the whole thing, he followed her because he thought she was probably going to get into trouble and as expected, she was doing stuff that would get her in trouble.]

I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be reading that kind of magazines. What would you do if a cop catches you with it, huh?

Winter is better than summer [Closed @ Hiyori]


Friendzoned by her own father, huh? Well, no matter. She could still make this work to her advantage. Boys tended to be suckers to girls no matter what, now that she thought about it. Every boy she knew back home was at her beck-and-call without any effort on her part. This one was probably no different. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to maintain her sweet facade, at least for now.

Ah, right! That’s fine too, I guess you can’t have too many friends huh?" She said, clasping her hands behind her back.


 ”My real father and I were never really close… I didn’t have much of a connection… That’s why I was so quick to call you my dad, I was kinda hoping this could be like a fresh start, know?" She saddened her expression a little but did not make a face dramatic enough to raise suspicion, "I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable!

She was going to milk this guy for all he was worth if it was the last thing she did. 

[The girl seemed nice enough to him to lower his guard around but her words made him feel a bit uneasy because he wasn’t sure how to reply to that. He couldn’t grow up with his dad because he was killed when he was young and he merely survived by chance so when people can’t be close to their parents it made him feel as if they weren’t cherishing them enough but he knew everyone had their own circumstances and he couldn’t meddle on that too much.]

You don’t have to be sorry. It’s just that I grew up without a father myself so I’m not sure how to act as one and it’s more comfortable for me if we could be friends instead so feel free to rely on me whenever you need help. I can do that at the very least.

[He might not be a father figure but he was given the responsibility of taking care of her so he had to at least help with the most basic of things he thought.]

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A New, Sort of Awkward Nest || Closed @ Gray


His mild aversion to the library wasn’t expected, but she supposed that not everyone was so keen to have their noses stuffed between thousand year old pages and finely aged ink scrawled upon such parchment. Everyone learned differently, and Robin wagered that maybe he was more hands-on? Nevertheless he agreed with her despite the reservation and she was sort of relieved. 


"It’ll be quick and painless, promise." And the fresh air would not go unwanted either, demonstrated as such when the newlyweds had traversed the unknown of their apartment block and, surprisingly enough, made it outside and on to the streets in one piece — Robin breathed in a deep, huge intake of summer air and then exhaled slowly in a spell of catharsis; tension was slowly but surely breaking off.

Where the library was she hadn’t the faintest idea, but at the very least she could retrace their steps back to their building if they happened to get lost. The odds of that were unfortunately sky high.

Even so, they were still introducing themselves, yes? So to cut through the confused, mutual silence, she started with her own brief history. “I hail from a land called Ylisse; my friends and I were Shepherds gallivanting around the land, protecting the people. And simply put, I’m a mage as well. Just on horseback more so — and the horse flies.” If they had pegasi in Earthland, she wasn’t sure. 

[Her joke made him groan with displeasure as if he had resigned himself to an ominous fate but he followed her as they walked out of the apartment. The sights of the new world grew vast as he wasn’t even sure where to start looking.

At least the people around the place looked mostly normal but you could never knew when you’re told that people from all over the universe are being pulled into this world to help rebuild a world from the ground. As they were walking, it was Robin who broke the silence by sharing some of her own background. Surely, to most people, her words would sound like crazy talk but to him who came from a world full of magic, it sounded pretty believable.]

Heh, well although we don’t always do it for free, our mage guild back at home also helped people from all over the place. We usually charge a fee for our services but if people are in trouble and have no means of paying, we can’t just stand by and do nothing to help those in need so we take pride in helping people in need as well. Glad to know we at least share that.

[Walking aimlessly would surely get them lost so Gray thought to do what he usually did while adventuring out on unknown lands: ask for directions to locals. He approached a random stranger and asked them how to reach the local library to which the man was kind enough to go back to his house and bring back a makeshift map of how to reach the place. He thanked the man and gave the map to Robin.]

I’m confident on my navigation skills but something tells me you’re better at it so maybe you should be the one to hold to it?

Winter is better than summer [Closed @ Hiyori]


It was hard to take the guy seriously when he still appeared to be a teenager himself… it’s almost funny. It was a rather odd thing of him to ask anyway… being friends with a parent? She didn’t even consider herself to be particularly friendly with her own biological parents, why was this stranger any different? Still… she knew for a fact that fathers were soft and vulnerable when it came to their daughter’s happiness. If she played her cards right, she could probably have this guy wrapped around her finger in a heartbeat. She set aside the urge to make a snide remark about how ridiculous a parent-child friendship was when they were less than ten years apart in age, and instead presented him with the sweetest smile she could muster. 


It’s a pleasure to meet you mister Gray, I’m Hiyori!" she said raking her fingers through one ponytail, "I’d love to be your friend! That’s what daughters are for, right?


[Gray was completely fooled by the girl’s behavior since he thought that the girl was actually being nice though the last line of hers agreeing that fast to call herself his daughter kinda made him feel uneasy, mostly because he didn’t feel like a father just yet.]

Eh, well, I don’t know if a father should be a friend but seeing how we’re only some years apart, I thought that you might want to treat me not as a father but as a friend, I mean you probably had already a father back where you’re from right?

[Besides if they had to be a family, he thought he’d be more of a bigger brother figure than that of a father in any case since he had no real experience even with a father, having a different childhood himself.]

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Winter is better than summer [Closed @ Hiyori]

[The young man was supposed to look after a younger girl now and he had no idea how to go about that. He had some idea of how to act like an older brother to someone like Wendy back at the guild but being a fatherly figure to someone was a completely different matter. He hardly had a childhood since his father was killed from an early age by a demon and the rest of his life was full of both adventures and a long quest for revenge.

Still, he had the fortune to meet his father one last time years after thanks to necromancy and he remembered the warmth of a father so maybe he could try and give support to this “adoptive daughter” of his somehow?

He walked into the apartment and to the girl’s room and luckily enough, he found her there today so maybe some introductions would help.]

Yo. I’m Gray and it seems I’ll be taking care of you from today on so I thought I should get to meet you and maybe be friends?